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10L Ball Lock Keg - Plastic

10L Ball Lock Keg - Plastic

  • £29.70

The 10 L Ball Lock Keg from Keg King is a convenient PET keg with ball lock posts. Perfect for smaller batches or split batches, this 10 L keg is simple to assemble and use, and the build in handles allows for easy transportation. As well as the liquid and gas posts, this keg includes a 35psi PRV built into the lid, for set and forget mode.

Box includes:
1 x 10L King Keg
2 x Stainless Steel Ball Lock Posts
1 x lid assembly (lid + O-ring + neck ring)
1 x Red PRV (rated 35psi)
1 x Floating dip tube (60cm silicone hose + 1x float)*

*The silicone hose of the floating dip tube needs to be cut to length based on your requirements. We recommend a length of 300mm.

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