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Chemclean - 400g

Chemclean - 400g

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A very effective alkaline cleaner can be used hot or cold.
Effective on Stainless Steel, soft metals, plastics and glass.

Removes protein soils, stains, carbon and fatty acids
Excellent results in hard and soft water.

How to use

Dilution: 50g per 5 litres of water for manual cleaning. 50g per 20 litres of water for soaking. Dosage may be increased up to 5% dependant on soil conditions.
Preparation: Before cleaning remove as much loose soil as possible by rinsing off equipment and vessels.

Manual Cleaning: Scrub all surfaces with the cleaning solution until all surfaces are clean.Circulation Cleaning: Use 50g per 20 litres of water for fermenters, kegs, tanks, and other equipment. Circulate for 30 minutes at up to 60°C. Dilution and circulation time may need to be adjusted dependant on soil load.

Soaking: Ensure all equipment to be cleaned is fully immersed. Soak for 4 hours at up to 60°C or allow to soak cold overnight. Thoroughly rinse equipment after cleaning. The solution can be reused during the cleaning process. Do not use on Teflon coated surfaces.

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