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Hops - First Gold 2016 (100g Vacuum Packed Leaf)

Hops - First Gold 2016 (100g Vacuum Packed Leaf)

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Use in brewing

Dual purpose hop.
The variety is very suitable both as a general kettle hop and also for late and dry hopping in all types of beer. First Gold has good aroma and bittering qualities, much of the flavour of WGV seems to have been retained but with an added extra citrus quality, produces a well-balanced bitterness and a fruity, slightly spicy note in ales. An orangey quality has been observed in many beers brewed using this variety.


Willamette, East Kent Goldings, Styrian Goldings, Crystal

Additional Information



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Alpha Acid

Beta Acid


Oil Composition

Myrcene: 24-38%, Humulene: 20-24%, Farnesene: 1.5-4%

Total Oil

Flavour Intensity

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