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Hops - Fuggles 2021 Pellet (100g Vacuum Packed)

Hops - Fuggles 2021 Pellet (100g Vacuum Packed)

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Use in brewing

Aroma hop.
The delicate, minty, grassy, slightly floral aroma produces a clean, refreshing, full-bodied flavour present in many traditional ales. Before the advent of dual-purpose and high-alpha hops, Fuggles were used as the main copper hop and were often complimented by an addition of Golding to give a rounded, full-bodied flavour for which English Ales became famous.


French Fuggle, US Fuggle, Progress, Sovereign, Styrian Golding, Willamette

Additional Information



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Alpha Acid

Beta Acid


Oil Composition

Myrcene: 24-30%, Humulene: 30-38%, Farnesene: 5-8%

Total Oil

Flavour Intensity

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