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Hops - Most 2021 T90 Pellet (100g Vacuum Packed)

Hops - Most 2021 T90 Pellet (100g Vacuum Packed)

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Use in brewing

Dual purpose hop. Most™ can be used for aroma or bittering. It has a very potent aroma for a Czech-grown hop: described as strawberry and bubblegum with some tropical citrus and fresh tones. It’s suitable for an array of beer styles from lagers to hazy pale ales to old ales.


Developed by Charles Faram & Co Ltd and named Most™ by the Czech growers, meaning “bridge”. It was seen as a bridge between the UK and Czech, in light of the UK leaving the EU. Sister of UK varieties Jester® and Olicana®. Most™ won its category in the Wellhopped World Series competition 2020, against other Charles Faram developed varieties from growers in the UK, USA, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovenia.

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