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Hops - Willamette Pellet 2016 (100g Vacuum Packed)

Hops - Willamette Pellet 2016 (100g Vacuum Packed)

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Use in brewing

Aroma hop.

Willamette is generally perceived as a new, yet good quality aroma hop. The rub of the hops gives an estery/blackcurrant/herbal aroma that is very pleasant but can be quite strong. Differing results have been achieved with this variety. Some brewers have found it to be a suitable replacement for Fuggle, others have had poor results when using it this way but have found that it stands up admirably as an aroma variety on its own merits.


Fuggles, Tettnang


Additional Information



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Alpha Acid

Beta Acid


Oil Composition

Myrcene: 45%, Humulene: 30-55%, Farnesene: 5-10%

Total Oil

Flavour Intensity