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Inline Reducing Regulator With Gauge

Inline Reducing Regulator With Gauge

  • £29.99

An inline regulator that allows one beer gas cylinder to prime one keg whilst supplying serving pressure to a second keg. With gauge.

Used after primary bottle or compressor regulator to fine tune or reduce pressure to your selected element or piece of equipment within your beer dispense system. Has 3 ports (1) inlet, (2) unregulated pass-through outlet, and (3) regulated outlet with pressure reducing adjustablility.

  • Pre-set outlet pressure 35 psi / 2.4 bar (yet adjustable from 0 – 45 psi)
  • Outlet pressure gauge 0 – 60 psi / 0 – 4.1 bar
  • John Guest Push-fit Ports – 3/8” Female
  • Wall/Panel Mounting Bracket
  • On/Off Valve on Regulated Outlet

Please note: gas dispense equipment must be installed and maintained by a competent person(s)

If you are not using the pass-through port to go onto another secondary regulator you will need to blank off the unused pass-through port with a blanking plug.

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