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Mr Beer Bewitched Amber Ale

Mr Beer Bewitched Amber Ale

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Mr. Beer's all natural brewing extracts are produced by Coopers Brewery in Australia, who has over 150 years of brewing experience. Using the highest quality barley and hops and a low temperature evaporative cooling method which retains all the original characteristics.

The American Craft Series is a Premium range of 100% malt beer kits specifically designed to produce a fuller bodied, full flavoured beer typical of these craft beer styles.

 Each variety uses only the best bittering and aromatic hops and specially selected yeast. The American Craft Series allows you to create your own premium quality microbrewed beers at home.


Vibrant amber hues, velvety smooth caramel malt character with an even bitterness and delicate citrus hop aroma. This Amber Ale epitomizes the characteristics that make this style a microbrewery standard. 


Makes 2 gallons (approx 16 pints)


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