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Pure Brew - Water Treatment For Beer - 5 brews

Pure Brew - Water Treatment For Beer - 5 brews

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Pure brew is a 2 in 1 nutrient and treatment pack which is essential for every brewer. Pure brew can be used in any beer and will eliminate the ‘homebrew’ taste, which brewers often experience, as well as giving the yeast a ‘boost’ to prevent sluggish fermentation.

Traditionally, brewers were always advised to brew their beer under oxygenated conditions, for example, by placing a tea towel or sheet over the container so that oxygen can still enter. However, up to date research has found that after 36 hours oxygen can change from a vital component to a contaminant. Oxygen is good for the yeast before fermentation and yeast growth occurs, which is why brewers are advised to aerate the beer before pitching the yeast. This is often done by giving the brew a good stir with a paddle or spoon. However, after the 36-hour period oxygencontamination can produce undesired ‘off’ or stale flavours, reduce the overall long-term stability of the beer and over time produce a permanent haze. With this recent research in mind, brewers are now told to keep their beer under an airlock to prevent unwanted oxygen from entering the brew. This is called an anaerobic condition. However, brewers still experience problems such as ‘sluggish’or stuck fermentation. This occurs when the brewer fails to aerate their beer thoroughly enough to ensure enough oxygen is present before the start of fermentation. Pure brew will reduce this sluggish fermentation by providing the yeast with all the appropriate nutrients for growth and fermentation. These nutrients will supercharge the yeast to boost fermentation and help the yeast perform to the best of its ability under restricted oxygen conditions. This then promotes a clean and pure final taste.

A problem which was mentioned earlier, which is experienced by many homebrewers, is the presence of a ‘homebrew’ taste. This is due to the presence of a compound called chloramine, which is added to the water of many cities as a substitute for free chlorine. Chloramines are a group of chemical compounds that contain chlorine and ammonia. Chloramine is used in drinking water for disinfection. While chlorine is relatively easy to remove from water (for example, boiling the water or letting it sit out for 24 hours before using it), chloramines are more stubborn and require different methods. If chloramines are present in a beer during the fermentation process, they will react with the yeast to produce compounds called phenols to form chlorophenols. These chlorophenols arewhat give the beer the medicinal ‘homebrew’ taste. Pure brew will help to eliminate this taste. Pure brew contains vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, which will eliminate the chloramine in your brewing water. Vitamin C will neutralise the chloramines by displacing the ammonia in the chloramine to free up the chlorine, which as stated earlier, will dissipate out of the water relatively easily. This therefore removes the chloramine, ultimately removing the ‘homebrew’ taste to give thebeer a commercial quality finish.

Pure brew is quick and simple, just add the sachet into your brew for 1 minute before pitching the yeast. Then pitch the yeast and stir well and that is simply it. Your beer will taste better than ever and you will achieve a commercial quality brew.


  • Yeast hulls

  • Zinc

  • Magnesium sulphate

  • Di-ammonium phosphate

  • Vitamin C

  • Vitamin B1

  • Calcium pantothenate

  • Folic acid

  • Niacin

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