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ProFiller Bottling Stick (Wand)

ProFiller Bottling Stick (Wand)

  • £5.89

The Fermtech ProFiller is a high performance bottling wand.

- Easy and reliable hands-free filling for all bottle types.
- Simply lift to stop
- Open flow design reduces bottling time!
- Unique springless filler tip makes it easy to control top ups.
- Convenient clip for pausing or stopping.
- Tapered hose connector fits 5/16”(8mm) to 3/8” hoses.

How to Use:

1. Attach connector to 5/16" (8mm) bore siphon hose.
2. Insert the ProFiller into bottle for hands-off filling.
3. Remove when full and transfer to next bottle.

Note: Must be rinsed with a non-alcohol based sanitiser.

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